Tour Schedule 
September 2005  Palermo  Sicily
September 2005  Frankfert Germany
November 2005 London, England
October 2005  Copenhagen 
December 2005  Italy
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Tour 2006
March 2006                  Southbend Indina
March  2006                  Cleveland Ohio
March 2006                     Los Angeles California
April  2006                       London England - Rescheduled for September 2006
Jan 31st-Feb 11th  Hong Kong
April-07 Release of  Love Passion, Heartbreak USA
August 07 Chegdu China/ also London England for 2 weeks in each country
Tour 2007 
September 07 Bolonia, Roma, Forti Italy
Sept 07 Russia with love
Novemeber 07 Frankfort Germany Canceled
All tourng done for the year...
June 2009  Spain  (canceled)

July 2009   San Francisco California

Sept 2009 Honolulu Hawaii

October 2009 Palermo Sicily, Napoli, Rome, Washington DC 

Novemeber  2009  San Diego California
Just me 2010 tour of USA and Europe

  Cleveland Ohio
Phoenix AZ 
Cheghda China until April 4th 
Southbend, IN
Boston, MA
San Diego, CA
Release of  Chimes of Christmas CD

Denver , CO
Houston ,  TX
London England November
Palermo Sicily extend through September

2012 Performances

Phoenix AZ

Birmingham. AL

San Diego, CA

Bologna, Italy

Rocky Mountain, VA

2013 Perfomances 
Clio Michigan  Concert  July 5, 6, 7th
Maumee Ohio County Fair  July 12th
Point Loma Nazarene University  San Diego Ca Aug 18th
Sao Vincinte Brazil Concert Aug 20-24th
Palermo Sicily Concert Aug 25-30th

The 2016 "I never left home tour"
Columbus Ohio- Jan 2016
Phoenix AZ- Feb 2016
San Diego, CA- April 2016
Rio De Janerio Brazil- April 2016
Boston Mass- May 2016
Chicago, IL October 2016

More dates to be added soon
​Jan 2017- San Diego California
Feb 15th Great Faith Church Boise Idaho 
March 14th Living Waters Church Chatom Ontario 
July 23rd Oakland California
July 28th San Diego California
October 1st Winsor Ontario
​November 17th Toronto Canada
December 1st-3rd Frankenmuth Michigan